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Last year, Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution stormed the stages of NYC and Los Angeles with a 45 piece orchestra in tow. An epically unforgettable night was had by all in attendance, we’d like to think, from every musician onstage to every set of ears and eyes in the audience. Time to do it again, dear friends. For those of you who missed out on last year’s sold out shows, for those of you that went and want to see more, for those of you that may have heard about the project in the year since, and for ourselves, who still think back on those nights with the fondest of memories. May 4th in New York City at Radio City Music Hall, May 11 in Chicago at the Chicago Theatre, and May 18th in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theater. We’re currently hard at work preparing more mash-ups of punk rock energy and classical instruments as we speak and can’t wait to get back on those massive stages to show you what we’ve added to the BOTAR(O) repertoire. See you all in May, friends! Tickets on sale this Friday, Feb 1. More info, details and goodies will begin popping up on BOTAR’s various social media feeds, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, please feel free to join them.

5/4/19 New York City NY / Radio City Music Hall 5/11/19 Chicago IL / Chicago Theatre 5/18/19 Los Angeles CA / Dolby Theater

Artwork by our good buddy Sara Kipin

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